Drew Bathory (they/he)

educator, community activator, and creator, drew is recognized for cultivating a playful approach to sharing and facilitating human experiences that ignite the soul and awaken the heart. drew is dedicated to co-creating brave spaces for self-inquiry, community engagement and self expression through mindful movement + meditation, music and conversation.

multidisciplinary in approach, drew’s practice is informed by over 20 years of experience and training in both expressive and inquiry based arts with a current focus on the relationship between self-inquiry and self-expression (vocal, dance, and creative writing). drew is recognized for their creative classes and experience designs that blend education of the nervous system, breathwork, movement and supported by music and sound based practices.

drew is passionate about helping individuals find their voice and embody their truth and co-leads the ELMNT Education Program alongside his co-creator Natalie.

Natalie Kakon (she/her)

Innovator. Strategist and Creative. Natalie believes in continuous evolution and growth. She leads with compassion and care, and is dedicated to fostering brave spaces for self-inquiry, empowerment for physical and emotional wellbeing through movement practices, sacred circle conversation and one on one dialogue.

With over 20 years of experience in movement, informed by Neuropsychology, Massage Therapy and Mobility training, Natalie is recognized for her extensive knowledge in anatomy, sequencing and innovation in blending strength based practices with yoga-informed awareness of the nervous system.

Currently undertaking her mini-MBA through McGill University, Natalie is passionate about knowledge, and fostering a sense of care and quality through co-leading the ELMNT Education Program with Drew, and shows up as a mentor to teachers in training and development.


LAURIE (she/her)

A smile that will warm you up, a playlist that will make you scream, and the power to take you all the way, Laurie is the real deal. Feel alive, connected and ready to tackle any goal under her guidance. Work hard, have fun, and LFG!

MEAGHAN (she/her)

Movement for the body, mind and soul. Meaghan is a trauma-informed pilates and movement teacher who fuses her love of dance, music, poetry and movement into welcoming and joyful celebrations of all your body can do. Focus is on the feelings, and the process, not an end goal, keep showing up and grow with your practice.

MARGE (she/her)

Marge is an athlete with a heart of gold. Whether on the bike or running trails, she brings heart, focus and a sense of care everywhere she goes. Community leader, and team player and endurance athlete with several marathons under her belt, Marge heads up the MTL edition of Project Love Run dedicated to creating braver and safer spaces for Womxn to Run. Connect with Marge for your dose of real, honest, impactful movement.

KELSEY (she/her)

Long-time ELMNT Community member/supporter turned Spin instructor, Kelsey brings her background from endurance athletics to the bike. An accomplished triathlete, and motivator with a serious understanding of what it takes to get to the finish line, her secret sauce might just be her sense of humour. Ride with Kelsey and remember how power feels in your body.

ASAMI (she/her)

Yoga Instructor, Teacher trainer, and founder of Our Colourful Yoga, Asami is a powerful and playful teacher who is dedicated to community and brave space-making. Get into some real-deal yoga with a focus on alignment, philosophy and a whole lot of heart.

PAUL (he/him)

ELMNT Team Manager who keeps us all inspired and online. He's a professional dancer who’s love of fitness helped grow his movement practice into a life-long career of empowering people in their bodies, Paul is a star. Creative, engaging, and pulsing in all the best ways, expect to work hard, feel the burn and maybe even dance your way out the door.

WILL (he/him)

Yoga teacher turned Movement Educator with a passion for anatomy, strength and mobility training. Will is certified in FRC + Kinstretch which empower his practice to be alignment + science based without all the extra fluff. Get deep, get strong, and get aligned.

LUISA (she/her)

Originally from Brazil, Luisa brings a party to the bike like no one else can. She promises to play her music loud, turn up the fun and will leave you wanting 2 more songs, guaranteed.

MEG (she/her)

Meg is an Essentrics Master Trainer and Educator who loves helping people towards achieving a greater level of connection, strength, joy and mobility with their movements and bodies. She teaches instructors worldwide and is featured on Essentrics workout videos. Meg was a pre-school teacher for many years and currently develops content and projects for children. She is also very passionate and active within the senior demographic through her gentle mobility-focused classes and role within the curriculum development of the Essentrics Aging Backwards® certification.  

HOLLY (she/her)

Holly is a lover of all things movement. With a background in performing arts and dance therapy, Holly leads classes from the belief that movement is medicine and music is power. Her spin classes aim to create a space for discovery, growth and laughs…all wrapped into one bass-in-your-face, endurance-packed, heavy-resistance bonanza.

SIMONE (she/her)

Simone is a powerful leader who helps your fall in love with Spin and holding to the beat. Her Rhythm Rides will challenge you, empower you and charge you right up. When she's not riding, she's leading the pack at Club Canin.

ADLAI (he/him)

Adlai is full of energy, passion and brings all the fun to the bike. Originally from Columbia, Adlai rides to the beat and helps your find it. Expect a playful playlist, a lot of sweat, a dose of sass all wrapped up in joy. When he's not on the bike, you might find him on the tennis court, or walking his dog.

CASS (she/her)

Teaching 7 plus years, once Cassandra discovered spinning she hasn't never looked back! She will push you to reach beyond your goals and be your best. Alongside thoughtfully curated playlists, Cass and the music are sure to keep you moving, sweating, and grooving on the bike. Expect to work your endurance, increase your power, and improve your cardio through interval training.

SABRINA (she/her)

Sabrina’s journey with yoga began with a need to connect with and express her body through movement. She was always intrigued by how yoga perfectly balanced the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. She incorporates moon cycles, chakras and intuition into her classes, allowing her students to journey through a multi sensory experience.


ZOE (she/her)

Meer ELMNT’s Community Social Marketing Manager. She’s excited and curious to dive deep into our community and bring content that reflects and engages with the exceptional individuals that are at the core of ELMNT.

She loves: tattoos, doggos, and good food.

LYNDSAY (she/her)

Studio Manager and head of admin behind the desk. Lyndsay ensures all your questions are answered, and helps our guests feel welcomed, cared for and in the know. Dedicated to human systems, Lyndsay has a passion for organizing and building strategies of support and efficiency.