It all started when…

Drew Bathory and Natalie Kakon first connected on their mutual passion about the body and mind in Montreal in 2013. With Andrews versatile background in the arts and Natalie's in science they discovered they had a lot to share in a city recognized for its creativity and spirit of collaboration.

In 2015, Andrew owned and operated a Yoga studio called Element Yoga Montréal, Natalie was living and working abroad in Berlin contemplating a return to her hometown of Montreal. On her last visit home, she and Andrew met up to discuss the potential of creating something together, the words YOGA and SPIN were thrown around, and they realized that a love of MOVEMENT and MUSIC would be the bass line of their business.

As a shared passion for their collaboration grew and their voices started to align to include the language of COMMUNITY, EDUCATION, CREATIVITY, RESILIENCE, and GROWTH - that’s when the real magic started to happen. The intention behind the movement became clear. Andrew and Natalie shared a vision to create a space where everyone felt welcomed, where it was safe to show up exactly as you are and grow into the person you wanted to become. They wanted to create a home where people choose to listen from a heart space and invite their inner wisdom to guide them. A space where we all are invited to connect to their greatest self and embody a sense of great depth and care and ultimately freedom.

From the moment the 2 started conversing, they had a strong intuition that they had started something powerful, special and true. ELMNT STUDIO opened their doors on February 6th 2017 and has grown to be not just a physical place, but a feeling, a movement, a community growing in grace and curiosity.