Healthy bodies need variety.


Move | Ride | Align is your body building strength, increasing cardio, and improving mobility across multiple disciplines. Choose some or all to benefit your body, mind and lifestyle. Our classes are designed to be modifiable to all fitness levels. We incorporate elements of mindfulness and music because we believe you deserve it all.



Classes designed to build and maintain muscular strength. Because we believe when people embody strength they become more confident and capable in life.


MOVE STRONG HIIT & strength training based class using bodyweight and props to increase stamina and muscular resilience.

MOVE SCULPT  A low impact hybrid class focused on toning through pilates, barre and dance based movements.



Equipped with premium Stages 3 indoor bikes with engaging personal data monitors, all our classes are an immersive heart-throbbing, high-intensity cardio experience.


ELMNT RIDE: 45 mins Ride to the beat, with our signature blend of choreography and heart pumping drills to push your limits and focus on YOU.

GRIND RIDE: 45 or 60 mins to tap into your inner athlete with various drills involving heavy resistance, intervals and time challenges designed to hit peak performance and improve technique.

RHYTHM RIDE: 45 mins Dance like no one’s watching. Expect a full body workout and choreographed dance routines to a variety of playlists. Often with weights, always with FUN!

RIDE X MOVE:  60 mins. The best of cardio and strength training combined! Hop on and off the bike for a complete full body workout, designed to get the most out of your time & effort.



Tune in, get centered and recover with sequences designed to increase mobility, flexibility and improve posture.                                                        


ALIGN YOGA:  A mindful movement class intended to increase flexibility and mobility while focusing on breath and calming the nervous system.