ELMNT WERK: [Pilates x Strength] Did someone say heavier weights?! HECK YA! Put your whole body to WERK. Lift some weights and explore tempo in a beat driven class that will definitely have you werkin' up a sweat.
ELMNT BARRE: [Stretch x Strength] Move to a pulsating playlist, with high reps, dance-based movement and a balance of free weights, resistance bands and body-weight to lengthen and strengthen your entire body. Get Lifted. Get Toned. Get Moved.
THE FEELS [Yoga X HIIT] Resilience training for your mind, body and soul. This class balances high intensity output with deep inner listening. Set to a curated playlist to support deep focus, feeling and connection, take yourself to the edges of your practice and get to know your deepest strength.



GRIND RIDE: Train like a pro in this 45 minutes. Lean into some serious strength training using higher resistance and various drills designed to improve your strength and endurance while staying curious about what’s possible when you step outside your comfort zone. Get Strong, Be Powerful, Wake up your Inner Athlete.
ELEVATE RIDE: Ride to the beat and push your limits. This class is for those who like to ride with rhythm and are curious about how to improve the technique of their ride. Expect curated playlists packed with heart-awakening drills to get the most out of your time on or off the saddle.



ALIGN: [Mobility] Take your mobility to a whole new level in this alignment based movement class. Focus on functional range conditioning, myofascial release and dynamic stretching to empower your range of motion throughout your whole body.
EMBODY: [Yoga x Pilates] An intermediate yoga-pilates flow designed to move you deeply. Start strong and sweaty to wake everything up and then simmer down to get into more sensitive, somatic work. Expect fluid movement, powerful breath work and moving meditation to help clear the mind and drop you deep into the presence of your body. Get Fluid, Get Centred. Remember all that you are.
ELMNT SLOW FLOW: [Yoga-ish] Alignment based movement sequences designed to improve posture, flexibility and ease in the body. Take your time, tune into your inner being and move from a place of care and intention. Hatha Yoga, mindful mobility explorations and a whole lot of mmhmm.