Recognized for a grounded and playful approach to inclusive fitness and movement, ELMNT is rooted in science, and supported by mindfulness. Our approach offers individuals tools and practices that help them tend to their unique needs. Easily accessible on any device, our on demand subscription includes Yoga, Pilates, Barre, Strength Training, Spin and Meditation classes available in various lengths to suit your individual goals 24/7.

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Looking to increase your accountability, and get a more personal touch?

ELMNT & YOU allows you to schedule Private Online Sessions with an ELMNT Trainer to work on your specific needs.

Book 1-on-1 or Semi-privately in small groups for weekly, monthly or one-time sessions.

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ELMNT delivers people centered wellness solutions to suit you and your team’s unique needs. Our movement is based on helping individuals regulate their nervous systems to help manage stress levels and improve: focus, clarity, energy levels and wellbeing throughout the day.

We offer fully customizable packages to serve you and your teams needs.

Co-branding, On Demand and Live Stream events to create greater connectivity.


Do you have a desire to go deeper than a drop-in class? Have you been practicing for some time, but long to expand your knowledge of your body and mind connection? Our education modules are deep dives into science, theory and critical thinking that will support your awareness and expand your wellbeing. Set aside time to study your body, unpack theories of movement, and discover nervous system regulation techniques to support you, your family, or your clients needs. Unlike other “teacher training” programs, our programs are open to all people who want to go deeper into developing and sustaining their practices for life-long wellness.

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